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Bizzy Buddies - Lauri Day
Bizzy Buddies

He was an adorable little baby alligator, the prized pet of his doting owners in the city penthouse. They pampered him like a pooch, parading him around in a baby stroller and dressing him with bows and jaunty hats. He even slept on a puffy pillow in a miniature canopy bed! As he grew bigger his owners didn't think he was so cute and adorable anymore when his big clumsy tail accidentally knocks over a valuable Ming vase! They banish him to the bathtub and somehow the alligator flushes himself down the toilet (he thought it was a jacuzzi) and into the sewer. He is rescued by a farmer who takes him to his apple farm "just on a temporary basis".

The alligator wants to stay on the farm and needs to convince the farmer to keep him. When the resident sheepdog suddenly can't work anymore, the alligator decides he'll be the next "sheepdog". The farmer has to decide whether or not to give him a chance. The farmer's family and friends warn him not to trust the alligator… especially the farmer's sister who wants to fatten up the alligator to turn him into matching luggage!