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Bizzy Buddies - Lauri Day
Bizzy Buddies

An over-worked stork accidentally delivers the wrong egg to the Duck Family's nest. After the eggs hatch, the oddball "duckling" (named Boris) realizes he is different, and tries to fit in. However, "fitting in" is painful, and requires him to give up a little bit of himself each time. Sad and confused, Boris goes to the Grandpa Tree for advice.

The Grandpa Tree tells Boris the fairytale of the "Ugly Duckling". This story inspires Boris to go on a quest, journeying far and wide, visiting a variety of bird families (turkeys, peacocks, eagles, flamingos, vultures, hummingbirds, etc.) to find where he belongs.

Will Boris find his relatives, and if he does… will he be accepted? And if he's accepted... will he really want to stay there? And if he wants to stay there... will they even let him? And if they let him... will they regret it?