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Potato Hedley Bizzy Buddies Snail's Pace Productions
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"Meat" (short for Meathead) and his brother "Potato" (short for Potatohead) are the Leekville "bad boys" from the Other Side of the Tracks. Poor finances, poor parenting and poor genetics led to this miasmic soup of turmoil and trouble.

"Meat" and "Potato" and the rest of the restless Headley clan live on The Other Side of the Tracks in the tough part of Allium County. You wouldn't want them living in your neighborhood, unless you want your property value to go down. they're the ones with the cars on block, shopping carts, old refrigerators, all in their yard.

"Potato" is younger than his teenaged brother "Meat" and is loyally following in the footsteps of delinquency. These two young hoodlums and their gang give the Leekville Police Department job security!
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