"Something Stinks Here humorous illustrated story Bizzy Buddies Lorraine Day

Something Stinks Here humorous illustrated story featuring The Bizzy Buddies writer illustrator Lorraine Day

Bizzy Buddies - Something Stinks Here Lorraine Day
Bizzy Buddies
Bizzy Buddies

Teenager Barley Tuckus and his dad are complete opposites. Barley's dad Tommy is a "morning person". Barley is a "night person". Tommy is a "Type A". Barley is a "Type B". Tommy is high-strung. Barley is low-key. Barley's dad Tommy is a bug exterminator who refuses to allow any insects on his property. Barley is a pacifist vegetarian who wouldn't hurt a fly. Barley has much more in common with Uncle Troy than with his own father.

Tommy makes Barley work with him over summer vacation at his company "Bug-Ex" doing pest control and bug extermination. The problem is, Barley loves bugs and can't bear to kill them! Barley almost gets fired when he accidentally crashes the company van swerving to avoid a snail on the road. Just wait until Tommy unearths Barley's compost manure pile worm farm...!