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Bizzy Buddies Snail's Pace Productions
Bizzy Buddies
"Either Ur IN...
...or Ur OUT!

Sheep urine is the main ingredient for the innoculation that combats "Ovis Syndrome". But it has to be urine from sheep that eat leeks exclusively. The main side-effect is you end up smelling like a sulfurous barnyard and have to wear a mask over your nose!

Everyone is required to get innoculated to be able to go to work or school. Senator Dick Tate has been tasked with spending tax-payer dollars to create an ad campaign exhorting the populace to get innoculated. He is also in charge of providing nose masks in attempts to cover the sulfur smell!

The advertising slogan is "Either Ur IN or Ur OUT!" Another winning slogan is "Let's All Stink This Through!" and "We're In This Stinkin' Mess Together!"