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"The Alliuminati" is a secret society to promote irrational thinking and stupidity, superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power.

"The Alliuminati" are the glitterati of the so-called Global Eleeks. This stratospheric level of high-rank is achieved only by the richest (and most corrupt) in the world. The Alliuminati are run in the shadows by a Vile, Evil Trillionaire and his weak son Aleek the leek.

Another member of the Alliuminati, Der Potatokopf, hosts the World Trade Fulcrum (WTF) meeting every year for the so-called "Global Eleeks".

The Alliuminati don't worship at the "Church of the All Seeing Eye"... they worship instead at the altar of "The Golden Sheep". The Alliuminati don't live to love, they live to make (and take) money!